Hi! For those who don’t know me, I’m originally from the UK and I lived in China for nine years. I’m now back in the UK, although I was supposed to be in Myanmar!

This is my shiny blog about my life in China and my travels around the world. As a primary teacher in an international school, I’m lucky enough to have a good number of holidays each year and working in China gave me the opportunity to travel more than I ever did when I lived in the UK. I’ve now been to 61 countries (not that I’m counting!) and still have many more on my list that I want to visit, as well as other places in the countries I’ve already been to.

If there’s anything particular you’d like to know about living in China or about any of the places I’ve been to, send me a message or leave a comment and I’d be happy to share!

Here’s a few photos from some of the places I’ve been. I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures!