New Year…

New year, new resolutions, new blog…

In order to try and write more and be more consistent in my writing I’ve decided to start a new blog. For this one my aim is to write a little every day (or, realistically speaking, at least twice a week), rather than writing a really long entry once in a blue moon.  That doesn’t mean I’ll publish this every day, however, as I realise that would be a bit much!

For those who are interested, my previous blog can be found here (although the last time I wrote that one was over a year ago).

I’ve lived in China for almost three and a half years now, but a lot of my previous blog entries were about my travels to other countries. As amazing as those trips were, this year I want to write about ‘every day’ China as well, to give you an idea of what it’s like to live here. This is something I often get asked, but is hard to summarise into a few sentences.

However, to start with (as it’s that time of year), I want to tell you about Christmas in Laos and New Year in Cambodia, with a brief visit to Vietnam on the way.

But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow…


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