It’s amazing the effect a few compliments can have.

I recently had a conversation with someone during which they gave me some genuine compliments.  It made me feel so much happier about myself, made me think that actually maybe people do like me, maybe some people do find me attractive, maybe I do deserve good things.

You may think this is a bit of an extreme reaction just because of a few compliments, but when you suffer from depression you think all the worst things possible about yourself – that you don’t deserve to be loved, that no one really likes you, no one finds you attractive, you’re never going to find someone who loves you for you, etc. etc.

It has taken me a very long time (years) to be able to just accept a compliment with a ‘Thank you’ instead of a denial or explanation, and I still find it difficult sometimes.

This has made me think about how important kind words are.  We hear all the time about people being hurt by the nasty things people have said or written; maybe it’s about time we heard more of the opposite?

I’m going to try to make an effort to compliment at least one person every day. You never know what someone may be thinking or feeling; a few kind words cost nothing but could make all the difference to them.


10 thoughts on “Compliments

    • Thank you! So true. Sometimes I forget, but I try to compliment at least one person every day. Something so small and easy can make such a difference.

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      • Yes but be sure that one of the people who you compliments during the day is yourself. Its only when we accept our own intrinsic worth that we really are able to allow ourselves to receive that which we want.

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      • Make a commitment to try kindness and compassion with yourself for one month. When negative thoughts about yourself try to speak to you change the channel. Go grab a glass of water, call a friend, focus on something lovely. It sounds so silly and maybe even untrue, but there is no true in the world. Its only perception and we can change our perception through changing the way we feel about ourselves. It’s nobody else’s business how we feel about ourselves so why don’t we decide that we are champions. Why don’t we decide that we are queens in our own world.


      • I love your way of thinking. I am endeavouring to change the way I think about myself, and I think I am, albeit slowly. Your kind words are an inspiration.

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      • Thank you for the compliment. I will accept it with love and compassion truly these words are not mine though they are passing through me from other great minds who have had them pass through them. Share them with someone else and you will become part of this chain.


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