Summer 2019

Summer holidays are here at last! This semester has been really long – 17 weeks to be exact – and although many things about it have been great this holiday couldn’t have come soon enough.

I have epic adventures planned for this summer, most of which kind of ended up happening rather than being thought of months in advance as most people do! My brief itinerary is: UK; Naples, Italy; Paris, France; Nashville, USA; Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; San Francisco, USA; Hawaii, USA; Seoul, South Korea, back to Shenzhen, China.

My first port of call was, of course, back to the UK to see family and friends, which was really lovely. I also got to show A around, who was visiting on her way back to the States from Kazakhstan, and this meant we did a couple of the touristy things that sunny Milton Keynes is famous for: Willen Lake and the Peace Pagoda, Central MK Shopping Centre, and (of course) the Concrete Cows.

If we’d had more time I would have shown her Newport Pagnell town (where I grew up) with the oldest working iron bridge in the world, and Bletchley Park, home of the enigma code breakers of World War 2.

I also had a lovely family meal (so much food!) plus a great catch up with friends I hadn’t seen for months, or in some cases years. This was followed by a visit to London to take A to the airport and my annual meet up with my great friend Sam and her little one. I then spent an afternoon with my parents visiting Stoke Bruerne, eating lots more lovely food (Yorkshire puddings with cheesy mash, veggie sausages, broccoli, carrots and gravy!), going for a short walk along the canal and watching two barges go through the locks.

This all-too-short visit home ended with going to stay at my sister’s house ready for the next part of my summer adventures: Naples, Italy.


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