More of a Quandary

Another non-travel blog post (I’m working on my next one of those…) as there has been a further development with my quandary.

I still haven’t made a decision about my job – whether to stay where I am in China for another year, or (if I get offered it) take a new job in another country – and now I have another factor to consider.

A couple of days ago I had an email back confirming I would have the second interview and further contact soon (I’m guessing next week).  A few hours later I had another email offering me an interview next week – but this time from a different school in a different country.

This has not helped to alleviate my stress about the whole situation!

Should I have the interview with the other school?  Or should I make things simpler for myself by politely turning it down and keeping my decision between staying where I am and going to the first job?


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