No Shopping Challenge Week 1

One week down, 51 to go!

This week has gone pretty well, aside from the hangover on Day 1! On Day 2 I did a sort out and got rid of a few items of clothes to start off my de-cluttering. Days 3, 4 and 5 were back to work, and I successfully walked to work every day. I cooked dinner for myself for the first time in (I think) months – pasta with sweet potato, red peppers, broccoli and red pesto – and very nice it was too, even if I do say so myself. I ended up making 5 portions, so that was dinner Thursday sorted plus 3 portions in the freezer for another day.

Day 4 (Thursday) was D&D night (Dungeons & Dragons for the uninitiated). Instead of doing my regular thing and having dinner at a restaurant with friends between the end of work and the start of D&D, I went home and ate portion 2 of the pasta I cooked Wednesday. This saved me around 200-250rmb, although it did cost me 35rmb in taxis home and out again. Still, overall saving definitely wins!

On Friday I got my Christmas goodies parcel from my parents – very exciting! So much great stuff, mostly edible, like monster munch crisps, caramacs, orange daim bars, curly wurlys and plenty more. This should definitely keep me going for a while!

I had planned to have my one meal out a week on Friday for a friend’s leaving do who’s moving back to the UK next week. I was absolutely shattered after work after getting up at 5.30am every morning to walk to work, plus jetlag, so I thought I’d have about an hour’s nap before meeting everyone. I fell asleep around 6pm… and woke up about 10am Saturday morning! I can’t believe I slept for over 15 hours! I guess the jetlag really caught up with me.

The rest of the weekend I did very little apart from go and see the new Star Wars movie (no spoilers here, don’t worry!), catch up a bit with friends, catch up with Supergirl season 3 and Black Mirror season 4, eat some of the tasty goodies my parents sent, and sleep more.

I think my first week of my No Shopping Challenge has gone pretty well, apart from having to buy another pair of 3D glasses to watch Star Wars as I’d completely not thought of it being in 3D and so hadn’t brought any with me.

Here’s my total spending for my first week:

1st January Nothing (New Year’s Eve doesn’t count!)
2nd Nothing
3rd Bus fare home from work 3rmb
4th Phone top up 100rmb
Taxi 18+17=35rmb
Taxi 17.5rmb
5th Bus fare 3rmb
6th Toilet paper 30.5rmb
Whole fresh pineapple 19.61rmb
Cinema (Star Wars) 40rmb
3D glasses 15rmb
Glass of red wine 45rmb
7th Nothing

Total Week 1: 308.61rmb (approx. £35)

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Let me know!


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